Chateau Argentiès

Château Argentiès is a spectacular wine estate of over 400 hectares in Lagrasse, a remote medieval village in the south of France listed as one of the most beautiful villages in the country. The property once belonged to the Abbey of Lagrasse founded by Emperor Charlemagne in 778 AD and considered among France’s wealthiest and most powerful abbeys with authorities reaching throughout the whole of southern Europe.

In 1793, when the French revolution led to the confiscation of properties owned by nobles and churches, Argentiès was bought at auction by the first of only two French families to own it until we acquired it in January 2011
Legend has it that the mountain of Alaric , which is located on our property , hide the treasure of three kings : Alaric , Caesar and Solomon, guarded by a family of eagles whose wings are on our logo.


Our Philosophy

Château Argentiès is a winery that crafts premium, artisanal wines. Each wine is made from grapes hand-harvested in our own vineyards and is vinified and bottled at our estate. We stand by each bottle.

We believe that humans, animals and plants are inherently and profoundly intelligent.

We live by the following overriding principles:


We believe that human beings are a part of nature, not apart from it. Our respect for all of nature influences how we treat our vineyards, how we make our wine, how we behave towards our employees and clients, and how we give back to our host region.


We give you an unprecedented behind the scenes look into the inner workings of our winery and share with you both the good and the bad of what we do.


We insure the highest levels of excellence by handcrafting wines from grapes harvested in our own vineyards, thereby controlling every step of the vine growing and wine making process.


We believe in doing something because it makes sense, because it hasn’t been tried before, or because it scares us. We will not do it just because it is the way that it has always been done.

Notre Savoir-Faire


To rediscover the true flavor of wine by capturing our terroir or sense of place and the nature of the vintage, we use no or minimal intervention in the winemaking process.


Our cellar is an ancient structure featuring a series of arches built over the centuries with the youngest portion dating back to 1793. It featured huge stone and cement tanks which we removed since they were too large for the premium wines we craft.

We vinify each vineyard parcel separately in small stainless steel tanks which allows for precision-temperature control, perfect hygiene and full expression of the grapes.